Five Natural Ways to Deal with Oak Allergies

If you live in Central Texas, you've probably noticed the Oak pollen dust that adds a yellow coating on anything outside during April. Oak pollen not only sends many people to the carwash but can also send allergy sufferers to their doctor looking for ways to stop the sneezing and congestion. Before you schedule your appointment, try these five natural alternatives for dealing with oak allergies.

Local honey for allergies

1. Local honey
Buying honey from local beekeepers is great for the environment as well as your immune system. Local honey can also provide greater benefits due to the fact that it contains local pollens. By ingesting a small amount of the pollen in honey, your body does not have the same reaction when exposed to a large amount of airborne pollen. Honey has a huge range of benefits and has been shown to reduce cough and produce a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Not only is it great for all these reasons but by buying local you're also supporting your neighbors and the bees! 

2. Saline spray or Nasal rinse
Allergies can often cause nasal congestion or dryness. A sinus flush using a saline spray or nasal rinse can help to clear out any lingering pollen, as well as moisturizing your nasal passages. There are some health risks associated with using a Neti Pot or nasal rinse so be sure to follow all instructions when using these. 

3. Astragalus
Astragalus is a Chinese herb also known as Huang Qi that has been used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis for centuries. A clinical study from 2009 showed a significant improvement in symptoms when taking Astragalus membranaceus. There are some contraindications with certain medications and autoimmune conditions so be sure to check with your doctor before starting.  

High histamine foods

4. Low Histamine Diet
Certain foods can also increase histamine activity in your body which can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Avoiding specific foods that are known to be high in histamines such as aged cheese, smoked meats and alcohol, has been shown to improve allergy symptoms in some people. A low histamine diet can be quite restricting and should only be started when working with a health care professional. 

Seasonal Allergy Formula

5. Seasonal Allergy Formula
Our Seasonal Allergy Formula is a homeopathic blend specifically formulated for a variety of allergens including Oak, Ragweed, Dust and Elm in Texas and throughout the United States. Seasonal Allergy Formula does not contain alcohol and is safe to use even on pets. We recommend taking 6-10 drops every 4 hours while experiencing allergies.