Cedar X® (5ml)

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Cedar X® is our original, all natural, topical product for cedar fever allergies. Cedar X® can be used before or after your mountain cedar allergy symptoms start and is safe to use on a daily basis during cedar tree pollen season. Cedar X® works fast and naturally without causing any side effects.

  • Easy to Use
  • Contains no preservatives, alcohol, dyes or synthetics
  • Applied topically to the skin
  • Clean pleasant smell
  • Small convenient bottle
  • No negative side effects
  • Economical: 5ml = 100 applications ($0.22 per application)
  • Safe when used as directed
  • Family-Owned Texas-Based Company
  • Manufactured since 2002

Not sure if Cedar X Formula or Cedar X® is the right product for you? Check out our blog for a breakdown of the differences.

Adults: (12 and older) Open bottle and hold upside down above wrist, allowing one drop of product to dispense on the wrist. Rub wrist together and gently inhale. Repeat as needed 2-4X daily. Do not exceed four drops per day. *Severe cases may require 2 -3 days of consecutive use every 4 hours to achieve desired result. If symptoms worsen reevaluate how much you are using. For optimum results one drop per dosage only is recommended.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil, *Atlas Cedar, *Cedar Leaf, **Bergamot, **Black Spruce, *May Chang, **Moroccan Blue Chamomile and *Frankincense.
*Wild-crafted ingredient **Certified Organic ingredient

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