Facial Cleanser with Sandalwood & Neroli

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A healthy skin care regime starts with completely natural products. Beautiful healthy skin requires extra care to avoid disrupting the delicate pH balance. Improper cleansing routines can damage the facial skin's mantle and result in the skin becoming either too oily or too dry or both in response.

Our Facial Cleanser with Sandalwood & Neroli is a natural oil based cleanser much like that used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. The herbal oils and essences in this gentle product do not clog pores because they are non-comedogenic. They cleanse gently whether or not you wear makeup and are suitable for all skin types.

Most importantly, this cleanser will not dry the skin like non-oil cleansers it will actually nourish the skin during the cleaning process. Cleaning without drying the skin helps prevent breakouts, flaking, skin dullness and wrinkles.

Beauty begins with the right products free of chemicals, dyes, synthetics and preservatives.

Step 1: Gentle cleansing using Facial Cleanser with Neroli and Sandalwood.
Step 2: Several times a week gently exfoliate with Vanilla Facial Scrub.
Step 3: Apply Tighten Up to smooth and improve skin tone.
Step 4: Use 4 -5 drops of Essence of Rose Facial Moisture Serum (natural alternative to creams and lotions) to complete your beauty routine.

To Use: Shake bottle well before use. Gently but thoroughly massage six to eight drops of cleanser into the skin of face and neck. Rinse with cool water and dry face with clean soft towel.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Calendula, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Gel, Vitamin E, Sandalwood, Neroli.

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