Restful Sleep Mist

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The essential oils of Lavender and Melissa create a quiet, peaceful feeling to encourage a better night's sleep. Whether you only experience the tossing and turning of disrupted sleep once in a while or on a regular basis, keep Restful Sleep Mist at your bedside so it's there when you need it. One 4oz spray bottle lasts about six months.

Environmental sprays are a simple way to change the mood of a room, promote calm feelings or invoke a sense of spiritual wellbeing. Integrative Healing Institute® makes a variety of environmental mists that are synthetic free, and contain no added chemicals or preservatives. Feel the difference a natural botanical spray can make.

To Use: Shake bottle and lightly mist wrists, neck and/or bedroom as part of your nightly bedtime routine.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Lavender and Melissa.

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