Herbal Skin Soother

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Herbal Skin Soother is a unique toner specially formulated for all skin types, especially youthful skin.

Integrative Healing Institute products are made with only organic or wildcrafted herbal essences and are free of alcohol preservatives, dyes or additional chemicals.

For best results use Herbal Skin Soother toner daily as part of your healthy skin care regime after cleansing with I.H.I. Sandalwood and Neroli Facial Cleanser.

Step 1: Gentle cleansing using Facial Cleanser with Sandalwood & Neroli.
Step 2: Several times a week gently exfoliate with Vanilla Facial Scrub.
Step 3: Apply Herbal Skin Soother to smooth and improve skin tone.
Step 4: Use 4 -5 drops of Essence of Rose Facial Moisture Serum to complete your beauty routine.

To Use: Apply generously to clean skin 1-2X daily.

INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Cistus and Neroli.

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